Motion Graphics and Animation

Motion graphics and animation in your video project can really capture your audience’s attention. Animation can be used as a supporting element within live footage, helping to illustrate a point or making a visual impact on the viewer.  However, we also love getting our teeth stuck into more challenging motion graphics projects – from fantastic title sequences to smooth and sleek product advertisements, we enjoy letting our creativity loose.

Motion Graphics Digital media image

Digital Media Presentations

The latest multi media authoring software allows us to combine video clips, still photographs, graphics and text with narration and music to produce truly integrated and interactive communication solutions. An interactive presentation can include product demonstration videos combined with animated graphics and have the capability to allow customers to choose and order products from embedded catalogues in various languages.

Don’t allow your audience to suffer ‘Death by PowerPoint‘!! Eclipse can produce beautiful PowerPoint presentations that are truly different and engaging. Presentations can contain video and motion graphics to engage your audience.