Video Production

Video is still the most accessible distribution format for many multi-location organisations and is also an important component of mixed media presentations .

Web video is now the most effective way of getting your information to a huge audience and video on smartphones and tablets is one of the fastest growing advertising categories.

Eclipse offers a complete corporate video production service to produce creative and effective video solutions. We provide a total service to help clients to use video to maximum effect for web applications, sales & marketing, product information and training.

  • Corporate Video Canal filming Worcester
  • Corporate Video Rayburn studio set
  • Corporate Video Wrenbury canal filming
  • Corporate Video construction site filming
  • Corporate Video Dick Strawbridge filming
  • Corporate Video Canon Camera
  • Corporate Plumbs factory fiming
  • Corporate Video Rayburn interior
  • Corporate Video The house in the wood
  • Corporate Video Rayburn shoot

Why video?

Corporate videos and online video can promote your company in innovative and dynamic ways. YouTube is now one of the most frequented websites on the internet and online corporate video has become an essential part of reaching your target audience.

We combine experience of promotional video production with creative flare and an eye for detail. We will  present your company to your target audience in an approachable, memorable way. 

Website functionality is constantly improving, along with social and mobile media connectivity.  Online video marketing will help put your company in front of a huge audience.

Including a video on your web page makes it around fifty times more likely that your site will be found from a search. Visitors are twelve times more likely to watch a video than read a piece of text – and watching a video on a website results in prospects staying on the site for an average of up to five times longer. 

If you have a product or service that you would like to promote then video is the most powerful tool you can use. Eclipse can help with introducing people to your company, explaining your products, advertisements, client testimonials, introduction videos, explanation videos, and infomercials.